Proaster 1.5kg Coffee Roaster

Main Roaster

  Min booking time: 1 hour




350(W)*920(L)*810   (H)

Work   Capacity

300g~1.5kg/batch(1   time)


Single   Phase 230V 60Hz, 0.2kw(Gas) 3.5kw(Electric)

Roasting   time


Heat   Source

Gas   burner or electric heater type(Option)

Gas   Pressure

Low   pressure(LPG: 2.75KPA/ LNG: 1.96KPA)

Fuel   Consumption

LPG   4,200kca/h LNG 0.35kg/h

Exhaust   Blower/ Cool Blower



Damper   Control, sampler, Observation window, Hot air temp display, Product temp   display, timer, over heating prevention function, extinguishing safety device


Black   or Red

Semi-Direct Heating/Semi-Hot Blast
The THCR-01 achieves a rich flavor with a roasting system using radiant heat and hot blast. Compared to direct drum roasters, the THCR-01 roaster provides uniform heat distribution in conjunction with hot blast technology, producing great results even for beginners. It ensures a perfectly uniform roasting result even during dark roasting.
PROASTER coffee roasters combine traditional conduction roasting using a drum structure, with an adiabatic casing to increase heat efficiency.  The result is exceptional uniformity-a hallmark of convection roasting.  PROASTER roasters are versatile, accommodating any roasting style, speed, or texture.