Drum Construction – Solid single-walled carbon steel, steel ends

Roaster Type – Single-pass indirect flame gas/drum

Corporate Details – Privately-held family business

History – Founded in 1860, started producing coffee equipment 50 years ago. Complete revamp of roasters in 2010

Country of Origin – Switzerland

Manufactured in – Mechanical assembly in India, control panel and final assembly in Minneapolis, MN, USA.

Controls – Gas, airflow, (variable speed blower, damper), drum

Probes/Data – Inlet air, drum speed, gas pressure/burner temp, bean temp

Data with Digital Output – All

Sizes – 20 kg, 60 kg, 120 kg, 240 kg, infinity (up to 4000 kg/hr throughput)

Fuel – Gas or propane

Data Capture – Compatible

Automation – Yes

Certifications – UL

Ancillary Equipment – Afterburners, color sorters, grinders, loader, destoner, etc. Full plant design/integration available

Customization – None

Warranty – Yearlong, manufacturer

Service and Support – First hour of phone support per case is free. Additional time after that hour will be charged at the rate of $14 per 5 minute increment. $180 hourly cost for tech visits. Free First Crack phone/email (backup, Level One support). Buhler services, $10M spare part inventory in Minneapolis, complete with customer account, CAD drawing of each part on your roaster, and overnight shipping availability.

Lead Time – 20 kg roasters in stock available for immediate shipping. Ask us about larger sizes (depending on size and complexity, 6-8 months or more, plus 6 weeks shipping).

Shipping – $1,000 – $1,500 typically

Price – Email info@firstcrack.com for a quote

Discounting – Not available

Rent-to-Own – Available

Non-new Options – First crack showroom model

Other Costs – Recommended $5000 service package (covers commissioning and startup, including one week of on-site Buhler Service Technician visits)

References – Available upon request

Payment Schedule – 100% pre-pay

Financing – For qualified purchasers, up to 60 months. Also potential leasing, via First America

Trade-Ins- Can discuss, case-by-case

Buy-backs (upsizing within brand) – Open for discussion

Installation – Performed by local mechanical contractor with Buhler support. Optional commissioning with Buhler present.

General Requirements – 220v single-phase power, appropriate gas pressure (7” water column), heat-rated ducting

Other – Buhler reinvests 5% of profits into R&D. By annual revenue, Buhler is the biggest company in coffee equipment. By age, Buhler is the oldest company in coffee. Buhler offers equipment for other related industries such as cacao, brewing, grain milling and more. Larger roaster have cutting-edge technology, such as in-roast color analysis. Buhler roasters use star-of-the-art low-NOx burners- the most efficient on the market. Buhler has formal facilities around the world available for partners to explore R&D ideas with Buhler. The team working on the roaster also works on Buhler products for aerospace, the US mint, the engine block division (BMW, Jeep and more), and more.

Visits – Available from Buhler and First Crack

Training/Education – Buhler Certified RoastMaster program, SCA classes, custom curriculum and consulting available on-site or at First Crack.

  • Infinity Roast
  • Sorted A Optical Sorter
  • GrindDefine Coffee Grinder
  • Destoner
  • Afterburner