Drum Construction – solid double-walled, one layer iron, one layer carbon steel. Domestic, non-recycled South Korean metal

Roaster Type – Single-pass indirect flame gas/drum

Corporate Details – Privately-held family business

History – Founded in 1989, started producing coffee equipment in 1991

Country of Origin – South Korea

Manufactured in – South Korea

Controls – Gas, airflow (damper and variable speed blower), drum (option on 15kg, standard 30kg+)

Probes/Data – Inlet air, bean temp, exhaust air (except on 1.5kg), fan speed (does not output to data capture), gas pressure (does no output to data capture)

Data with Digital Output – Thermocouples

Sizes – Sample (single-barrel electric), 1.5 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 15 kg, 30 kg, 60 kg, 150 kg

Fuel – Gas or propane; sample roaster electric; electric option for 1.5kg

Data Capture – Compatible

Automation – No

Certifications – CE

Ancillary Equipment – Afterburners, destoners, loaders. Full plant integration available for Industrial sizes

Customization – Color; adds two months to lead time, plus $500-$1300 (depending on model)

Warranty – Yearlong, manufacturer

Service and Support – Tech visits quoted on an as-requested basis. Spare parts stocked, available for overnight shipping.

Lead Time – Variable – ask us. 90 days, shorter if air freight, shorter depending on ordering service.

Shipping – $250-$1500 domestic (depending on size), international varies (depends if roaster is in a First Crack container or is shipped direct)

Price – email info@firstcrack.com for a quote

Discounting – Not available

Rent-to-Own – Not available

Non-new options – First Crack showroom model

Other Costs – None

References – Available upon request

Payment Schedule – 50% down, 50% prior to shipping, shipping billed separately

Financing – Not available

Trade-Ins – Not available

Buy-backs (Upsizing within brand) – Not available

Installation – Performed by local mechanical contractor, with First Crack remote support

General Requirements – 220v single-phase power, appropriate gas Pressure, heat-rated ducting

Other – First Crack has billed $1500 in Proaster tech visits since 2013, total. No customer has purchased a Proaster from First Crack and switched brands when needing a bigger roaster. Proaster offers products for related industries such as cacao. Proaster roasters have an incredibly compact footprint for their capacity, yet are ingeniously easy to clean.

Site Visits – Available from First Crack

Training/Education – Proaster Certified Special Coffee Roaster program, SCA, classes, custom curriculum and consulting available on-site or at First Crack.

  • CR-120