Drum Construction – Solid single-walled carbon steel

Roaster Type – Single-pass direct flame gas/drum

Corporate Details – Privately held owner/operator

History – Paul Ribich, Owner of Roaster Dynamics, has been involved with roaster and software design for more than twenty years, working on roasters and control systems for nearly every manufacturer.

Country of Origin – United States

Manufactured in – Clearwater, Florida, USA

Controls – Gas, airflow, drum (all variable/non-stepped)

Probes/Data – Air, bean, drum speed, gas pressure/burner temp, and more on request

Data with Digital Output – All

Sizes – 500g, 3kg, 6kg, 10kg, 20kg, 35kg, 70kg

Upgrades – Upgrade kits allow for a roaster’s capacity to be upgraded at a later date: 3kg to 6kg, 10kg to 20kg, or 35kg to 70kg

Fuel – LNG or LPG

Data Capture – Compatible

Automation – Standard

Certifications – Built to pass UL.

Ancillary Equipment – Any/all compatible, available via First Crack (afterburner, loader, destoner, color sorter, grinder, etc.)

Customization – Industry-leading custom shop. Any/all requests considered: color, design, material, componentry, software, gas train, logo, etc.

Warranty – Yearlong, manufacturer

Service and Support – Free First Crack phone/email. Additional support offered directly through owner/operator in tandem with First Crack. Day rates and travel expenses apply.

Lead Time – Depends on the roaster, presently quoting 4-6 months.

Shipping – Billed at-cost, quoted as-requested. Ships from Florida, USA

Price – email info@firstcrack.com for a quote

Discounting – Not available

Rent-to-Own – Not available

Non-new options – First Crack showroom models, when available

Other Costs – None

References – Available upon request

Payment Schedule – 50% down, 50% prior to shipping, shipping billed separately. Policy subject to change.

Financing – Not offered

Trade-Ins – Not offered, but roasters (10kg, 35kg) can be upgraded to larger sizes.

Buy-backs (upsizing within brand) – Not available

Installation – Performed by local mechanical contractor with Roaster Dynamics and First Crack support. Industrial roasters installed by Roaster Dynamics.

General Requirements – Standard electrical requirements (110V or 220V, single phase or three phase), 7″ LNG water column/14″ LPG water column

Site Visits – Available from First Crack

Training/Education – Roaster Dynamics Certified course available from First Crack, online or in-person (at First Crack or on-site).

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