First Crack Coffee

First Crack offers free remote support for all warrantied roasters purchased through First Crack. Site visits upon installation are available for any roaster purchased through First Crack. These ensure a proper installation and provide an opportunity to learn how to clean, maintain, and operate your roaster. Site visits are $1,000 plus travel expenses. Educational offerings can be added (additional costs may apply). Tech visits are also available, but are only exceedingly rarely necessary (at the time of writing we have had fewer than 10 on-site tech visits). Tech visits are $1,000/day plus travel expenses and parts costs.


Buhler directly supports all Buhler products. The first hour of phone (/email) support per case are free. Additional time after that hour is $14/5-minute increment. Technicians are available for visits at $180 per hour, plus travel expenses and parts. Buhler has millions of dollars worth of spare parts inventoried in Minneapolis, available for overnight shipping. Buhler customers receive a Buhler service account, complete with CAD drawing of every part on their roaster, remote diagnosis capability, and more.

Contact: or 763-847-0462

*rates subject to change