First Crack Coffee

First Crack operates coffee co-roasting facilities with educational coursework, consulting services, and state-of-the-art equipment that customers utilize to improve their bottom lines. Coffee enthusiasts and business owners alike have an unprecedented platform for saving cash and increasing the value of their product. Wake up and smell the shared economy – you don’t have to own the roaster to Own the Roast!

"Partnering with First Crack has been an exciting and ‘game changing’ experience for us. Through the certified training classes my staff has been able to continue to grow in the coffee industry. From sourcing green coffee to cupping and roasting, First Crack helps us in every phase of our coffee program. Great People!"

Chris Schulte, Picasso's Coffee

"It has been a great experience working with First Crack to launch our roasting program. They have provided us all the necessary education and tools to become successful in sourcing and roasting. We continue to grow with them and are able to scale with very little additional investment.”

Neil S., Foundation Grounds Coffeehouse

"First Crack came into our business at exactly the right time. The cost savings allowed us to explore opportunities that weren’t possible before. Their team has been great to work with and the transition to a shared roasting facility was easy! We’ve learned so much about the roasting process and look forward to growing and working with them long term. "

Angela and Scott Garland, Exit 11

"As a small neighborhood coffee shop, we lacked the space, equipment, and expertise in roasting and sourcing to even think about offering customers our own brand of coffee. That changed with First Crack’s collaborative approach to sourcing and roasting. They have worked with Kitchen House Coffee to select and order beans consistent with our sustainability goals, offered effective roasting training, then provide affordable access to their roasting equipment and continued educational support."